Innovation and industrial development laboratory

It is a mini laboratory that focuses on designing and developing prototypes of industrial products using the latest design programs and 3D printers.
It is a mini-lab focused on designing and developing prototypes for industrial products using the latest design software and 3D printers. The lab is equipped with devices that include precise measuring and welding tools, as well as Arduino systems and advanced electronic devices. The lab also provides an opportunity to test and evaluate the performance of prototypes in various environments, contributing to the improvement of their quality and effectiveness. It also contains an exhibition showcasing the developed models and innovations, offering visitors a chance to learn about the latest creations in industrial and digital engineering, which are cornerstones of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This contributes to accelerating and improving manufacturing and production processes. Activities sponsored by the lab: Courses in industrial design: Focusing on the use of advanced design software and 3D printers. Workshops in digital engineering: Teaching how to apply digital engineering techniques in industrial development. Lectures on innovation and development: Showcasing the latest developments in the field of industrial innovation. Practical sessions in welding and precision measurement: Training in the use of precise manufacturing tools. Interactive displays of models and innovations: An exhibition showcasing the models and innovations developed in the lab.