Defining the Scientific Units of the Scientific Village

The Scientific Village is proud to introduce six diverse scientific units, each reflecting our commitment to innovation and education. These units not only serve the project's goals but also enhance the practical application skills of our trainees and developers. Each unit offers its own set of activities and services and welcomes visitors to explore our laboratories and exhibits transparently.


AI and Future Forecasting Laboratory

This advanced center blends modern technology with innovation. It features cutting-edge computers and tools for data analysis and AI modeling. The lab extensively uses virtual and augmented reality for experiments and simulations, fostering innovative approaches to future forecasting. Interactive screens and sensor systems allow visitors direct interaction with AI projects, enhancing their understanding and perception. The lab focuses on AI projects addressing sustainability and environmental innovation and features an intelligent robot that interacts with visitors, adding a unique educational experience.



"Thad" Arabic Language Exhibition

A unique cultural experience celebrating the beauty and depth of the Arabic language. The exhibition's artistic design highlights the letter "Dhad," symbolizing the language's uniqueness. It offers an interactive journey through the Arabic language's history, utilizing multimedia to present stories and historical documents. The exhibition features a semi-replica of the Kaaba adorned with poetic verses, adding a profound historical and cultural dimension. It includes a rich library of important Arabic books and a dedicated reading space, providing a deep dive into Arabic literature. Interactive screens display information about prominent Arab and Muslim scientists who contributed to human civilization, alongside audio and video clips of their inventions.



Quality Control Laboratory

A specialized lab ensuring the quality of consumer products, granting them the Scientific Village's seal of approval. It's equipped with modern microscopes, gas chromatography devices, and spectrometers. Inspection stations for products like honey, fruits, and vegetables are available, with an interactive display area showing test results, helping visitors understand the differences between organic and non-organic products. The lab supports collaboration with local farmers and producers, contributing to public health and conscious consumption.



Innovation and Industrial Development Laboratory

A miniature lab focusing on designing and developing industrial product prototypes using the latest design software and 3D printers. It's equipped with precision measuring and welding tools, Arduino systems, and advanced electronics. The lab offers the opportunity to test and evaluate prototypes in various environments, improving their quality and efficacy. An exhibition area displays the developed models and innovations, showcasing the latest creations in industrial and digital engineering, key to the fourth industrial revolution. This accelerates and improves manufacturing and production processes.



Future Hall

An ideal venue for scientific lectures, conferences, and events. It accommodates 80 people and is equipped with the latest technology for a unique educational and interactive experience. It includes a sound system, large smart display screen, and traditional presentation tools like boards and markers. Its flexible design allows seating arrangements to be altered for different events, featuring advanced presentation tools like smart boards and interactive projectors.



Scientific Village Media Center

A mini media center providing professional filming and production equipment. It includes high-quality cameras, advanced sound systems, and adjustable lighting to suit various production needs. With multiple chroma key backgrounds, diverse virtual backgrounds can be created for each recording. The flexible space design allows for various interview and recording setups. A dedicated area for video editing and production makes it ideal for documenting meetings and conducting interviews.