Launch of the First Phase of the "Scientific Village" Project

"The Scientific Village" announces the commencement of the first phase of its ambitious project, which uniquely combines the beauty of rural life with the vibrancy of science and innovation. This pioneering project aims to create a scientific community that exemplifies the perfect balance between relaxation and scientific advancement.



Phase One: Construction and Foundation

Land Acquisition: A plot of 1164 square meters has been acquired in the city of Düzce.

Land Fencing and Leveling: Preparing the land for the construction phase.

Infrastructure Services: Applications for water, electricity, and sewage services have been submitted.

Guesthouse Construction: Building a rural house capable of accommodating 10 people and comprising 3 rooms.

Scientific Units: Equipping 6 basic scientific units along with a training hall.

Estimated Cost: $175,500.


Phase Two: Expansion and Development

Additional Land Purchase: An area of 4000 square meters.

Construction of Rural Houses: 8 houses to accommodate 80 people or 8 families.

Expansion of Scientific Units: Adding a diwan, restaurant, and prayer space.

Guard House and Village Bus: Establishing a house for the guard and providing a bus for the village.

Operating Expenses: Covering administrative and maintenance costs.

Equipping Scientific Units: With necessary equipment and tools.

Estimated Cost: $405,000.


Strategic Plan and Investment Controls

A strategic plan focusing on sustainability and innovation has been adopted, with investment controls ensuring substantial returns for both individuals and institutions.



Identity of the Scientific Village

Mission: "To provide an integrated rural environment that combines scientific learning and natural relaxation, with a focus on innovation, scientific research, and sustainable development."

Vision: "To establish a leading scientific community that serves as a model for the harmony between science and nature, contributing to the advancement of scientific research and education."

Motto: "The Scholars' Countryside, Innovation and Growth."


Core Values

Innovation and Creativity.

Continuous Education and Learning.

Sustainability and Environmental Conservation.

Collaboration and Partnership.

Community Engagement.

Strategic Pillars

Academic and Research Development.

Innovation and Technology.

Sustainable Development and Environment.

Community and Cultural Interaction.

International Partnerships and Cooperation.


The "Scientific Village" project represents a significant step towards realizing a future vision that combines sustainable rural living with scientific progress, focusing on innovation, academic development, and research. This project serves as a model that can be replicated in various countries to establish scientific villages that enhance scientific research and education.