The identity

Below is the message, vision, motto, and values of the Scientific Village, as well as its strategic orientations and goals.


Message: "Providing an integrated rural environment that combines scientific learning and natural relaxation, with a focus on innovation, scientific research, and sustainable development."

Vision: "Creating a leading scientific community that serves as a model for harmony between science and nature, and contributes to the advancement of scientific research and education."

Motto: "The Countryside of Scientists, the Future of Innovation" - Reflects the vision of the Scientific Village project that combines the beauty and tranquility of the rural environment with the vitality of scientific research and innovation. The village is not just a place to live in the countryside but a hub for scientists and innovators to explore and develop new ideas, contributing to shaping the future of innovation.

Core Values:



Innovation and Creativity: Encouraging creative thinking and developing new solutions.

Education and Continuous Learning: Focusing on practical education and scientific research.

Sustainability and Environmental Conservation: Adopting eco-friendly practices and promoting environmental awareness and the use of renewable energies.

Collaboration and Partnership: Enhancing teamwork and cooperation among researchers and the community.

Community Engagement: Providing services and activities that contribute to the development of the local and global community.

Strategic Themes:



Academic and Research Development: Focusing on enhancing scientific research and education.

Innovation and Technology: Integrating modern technologies in learning and research.

Sustainable Development and the Environment: Implementing eco-friendly practices and promoting environmental awareness.

Social and Cultural Interaction: Building bridges of communication between science and society.

Partnerships and International Cooperation: Establishing partnerships with global institutions, universities, and scientific companies.


Goals of the Scientific Village:



Providing an Integrated Educational Environment: Focusing on offering an educational environment that combines science and nature to enhance learning and innovation.

Stimulating Scientific Research: Providing the necessary facilities and equipment to support research and development in various and new fields.

Sustainable and Environmental Settlement: Promoting environmental culture through sustainable farming and the use of renewable energy.

Enhancing Interdisciplinary Cooperation: Encouraging cooperation among different disciplines to achieve comprehensive development.

Participating in the application and implementation of patent projects for Arabic-speaking researchers.

Producing a replicable model in several countries to establish scientific villages that combine the model of sustainable rural life with scientific progress.