Approval of the Goals of the Village by the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of "The Scientific Village" has announced the approval of a set of strategic objectives aimed at enhancing the village's role as a leading center in education and scientific research. These goals are part of the effort to achieve sustainable development and expand the scope of scientific innovation and collaboration.


Objectives of the Scientific Village

Providing an Integrated Educational Environment: The village focuses on offering an educational environment that combines science and nature, enhancing learning and innovation. This environment aims to encourage students and researchers to utilize the village's natural and scientific resources in a balanced and sustainable way.

Stimulating Scientific Research: The village is committed to providing the necessary facilities and equipment to support research and development in various and new fields. It strives to be a center of excellence in scientific research, with a focus on practical innovation and applications.

Sustainable and Environmental Settlement: Promoting environmental culture through sustainable agriculture and the use of renewable energy is a fundamental part of the village's objectives. The village aims to be a model of sustainable rural life, focusing on environmental conservation.

Enhancing Interdisciplinary Cooperation: The village encourages cooperation among different disciplines to achieve comprehensive development. Collaboration is viewed as an essential element for knowledge exchange and fostering joint innovations.

Participation in Implementing and Executing Patent Projects for Arabic-speaking Researchers: The village aims to support and encourage Arabic-speaking researchers in developing and applying patents, thereby enhancing the stature of scientific research in the Arab world.

Producing a Replicable Model in Several Countries: The village aspires to be a model that can be replicated in different countries to establish scientific villages that combine the model of sustainable rural life with scientific advancement.

Through these objectives, the Scientific Village hopes to contribute effectively to community development and the advancement of science and technology globally. This ambition reflects the village's vision for a more sustainable and innovative future, with a special focus on the development of scientific research and education.