The Scientific village units


The Scientific Village includes 6 diverse scientific units that reflect its commitment to innovation and education, serving the project of the village and enhancing the practical application for trainees and developers in it. Each unit has its own activities and services, with the possibility of welcoming visitors to view the laboratories and exhibitions transparently.



Artificial Intelligence and Future Foresight Laboratory: An advanced center for technology and innovation, equipped with the latest devices and virtual reality technologies.

"Dad" Arabic Language Exhibition: A cultural space celebrating the Arabic language through interactive displays and a rich library that helps researchers find sources in Arabic, facilitating the writing and publishing of scientific research for researchers worldwide.

Quality Control Laboratory: A laboratory specializing in ensuring the quality of products and scientific innovations.

Innovation and Industrial Development Lab: A center for developing prototypes and industrial products using advanced technologies.

Future Hall: A multipurpose venue for lectures and scientific events, equipped with the latest technologies.

Scientific Village Studio: A media center equipped with professional filming and media production equipment.