Scientific events



The Scientific Village embraces a variety of scientific and educational events, including:



Periodic scientific courses: Aimed at enhancing the basic knowledge of researchers and students in various scientific fields.

Ongoing scientific lectures: Presented by a selection of experts and academics to update knowledge and review the latest developments in scientific fields.

Advanced workshops: Focus on developing practical application skills for researchers in various specialties and practical application in the laboratories and units of the Scientific Village.

Regular scientific conferences: Bringing together interested parties and specialists from different countries to exchange ideas and experiences.

Enhancing scientific networks: The events provide an opportunity for researchers and scientists to build networks of cooperation and communication, enhancing cross-border research collaboration.

Dialog sessions: Discuss contemporary scientific issues and challenges faced by scientists in various fields.

Awareness activities: Aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of science and its role in developing societies, and promoting the culture of homesteading, sustainable building, agriculture, and the green economy.