Investment for enterprises



Institutions interested in investing in the Scientific Village project can buy investment shares to achieve a range of benefits in addition to the annual return. The return on investment in the Scientific Village comes from residential units, agricultural produce, honey, the sale of organic products, certification and seal of operational quality assurance, courses, consultations in scientific, humanitarian, and educational fields, as well as conferences, industrial workshops, and patents. The expected return from the Scientific Village is approximately 9% to 12% in its first operational year, with financial matters and profit distribution handled by a Turkish government-certified auditor, and reports transparently presented to all investors. The goal is the success and replication of the project to create more scientific villages.



Institutional category:

Investment conditions:



Partner institution of the Ureed scientific platform.

Provides meaningful services or beneficial products to the community.

Its investment in the Scientific Village brings overall benefits to the project through its added value.

Minimum available shares for institutions to invest is 5, maximum is 10.

Legal registration and tax number.

The institution has been in existence for 3 years or more.

Online presence (website, social media accounts).

Institutional benefits:



Invitation for two representatives to attend and participate in main events of the Scientific Village.

Partner institution's logo printed on all Scientific Village event publications.

Partner institution given a slot for a presentation at main events, including an introductory video about the institution.

Introductory video displayed on the advertising screen during all scientific events.

Partner institution's logo placed among the main sponsors on the Scientific Village website.

Logo featured as a sponsor in all printed editions of the Scientific Village, including books and reports.

Monthly exclusive evenings for partner institutions at the Scientific Village.

Logo printed on the training or conference bag distributed to researchers at all scientific events.

6 advertising boards (flex) for the partner institution distributed inside the scientific units and conference halls at all scientific events.

Press interview with a representative of the partner institution published on the Scientific Village website.

Sending an introductory profile of the partner institution to all subscribers of the Ureed scientific platform.

Organizing scientific events at the Scientific Village for the benefit of the partner institution.

Providing the partner institution with a control panel to access photos, videos, and interviews conducted in the Scientific Village for future promotional use.

Conducting scientific research by forming a research group for a product of the partner institution, with results published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal (published transparently and with scientific integrity).

Launching partner institutions' products in the Scientific Village, having a significant media impact and scientific framing.