Establishing Investment Terms and Conditions for Institutions and Individuals in the Scientific Village

The Scientific Village has established a set of conditions and regulations for investments by institutions and individuals, aiming to create a beneficial and sustainable scientific and educational environment. The following outlines the key aspects of these investment opportunities:


Investment Return

Investment returns in the Scientific Village are generated from various sources, including:



Daily rental of residential units.

Agriculture and honey production.

Sale of products.

Certificates and quality assurance seals from the village.

Courses and consultations in scientific, humanitarian, and educational fields.

Revenues from conferences, industrial workshops, and patent projects.

The construction period of the Scientific Village is from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024.

The official opening of the village is scheduled for April 10, 2025, and it will host the 16th edition of the International Scientific Forum.

Investors owning three shares will receive a free participation ticket and accommodation in the village during the days of the International Scientific Forum.

The expected return from the Scientific Village is estimated to be approximately 9% to 12% in its first operational year. Financial matters and profit distribution will be managed by a government-certified auditor in Turkey, and reports will be transparently presented to all investors. The goal is to ensure the project's success and its replication to establish more scientific villages.



Investment Conditions for Individuals

Membership in the Ureed platform, evidenced by obtaining a Ureed membership badge.

Belonging to the category of scientists, experts, or researchers, contributing value to the Scientific Village project.

A limit of 3 shares available for investment per individual, except for those who have received one of the five leadership badges on the platform.

Investment Benefits for Individuals:

Annual profit distribution to all investors.

Free accommodation in the village for two people for 3 days monthly in summer or 5 days in winter.

Reception and farewell services from Sabiha Airport in Istanbul to the village.

Plastic membership for using village facilities and scientific units.

Access to the village's laboratories for scientific research and experiments.

Free participation in main events such as scientific conferences, international forums, and training camps.

Investment Conditions for Institutions

Partner institution of the Ureed scientific platform.

Providing valuable services or products to the community.

Investment that adds value to the overall project.

A minimum of 5 shares and a maximum of 10 shares available for institutional investment.

Legal registration and tax number.

Established for 3 years or more, with an online presence (website, social media accounts).

Investment Benefits for Institutions

Invitations for two representatives to participate in major village events.

Partner institution's logo on all printed materials of village events.

Presentation opportunities at major events, including introductory videos.

Display of the partner's video on advertising screens during scientific events.

Logo placement as a main sponsor on the village website and printed publications.

Monthly exclusive evenings for partner institutions at the village.

Logo on training or conference bags distributed to researchers at events.

Six advertising boards (flex) for the partner institution distributed in scientific units and conference halls.

Interview with a representative of the partner institution, published on the village website.

Sending a brief about the partner institution to all subscribers of the Ureed platform.

Organizing scientific events in the village for the benefit of the partner institution.

Providing a control panel to access photos, videos, and interviews conducted in the village for future promotional use.

Conducting a scientific study on a product of the partner institution and publishing it in a peer-reviewed scientific journal (results published transparently and scientifically).

These investment opportunities aim to foster a collaborative and innovative environment, promoting scientific advancement and community development through the Scientific Village.