The Arabic Language Exhibition "DhaD"

It is a unique cultural experience that celebrates the beauty and depth of the Arabic language.
It is a unique cultural experience that celebrates the beauty and depth of the Arabic language. The exhibition is distinguished by an artistic design that makes the letter Dhād (ض) a central star, symbolizing the uniqueness of the language. The exhibition offers an interactive experience highlighting the history of the Arabic language, from its origins to the present day, using multimedia to display stories and historical documents. The exhibition features a half-relief model of the Kaaba adorned with poetic hangings, adding a deep historical and cultural dimension. It also contains a rich library of important Arabic books from the publications of members of the Ureed scientific platform and a dedicated reading space, providing an opportunity to delve into the world of Arabic literature. The exhibition includes interactive screens displaying information about prominent Arab and Muslim scientists who contributed to the development of human civilization with their ideas and inventions, as well as audio and video clips of these inventions that Arabs presented to the world. This scene is completed with a corner displaying artworks expressing the art of Arabic calligraphy, with detailed information about this ancient art. The Scientific Village's interest in the Arabic language lies in its being the language of science and scientific research for Arabic speakers. Activities sponsored by the exhibition: Educational courses in Arabic language: Focusing on teaching the basics and aesthetics of the language. Workshops in Arabic calligraphy: Teaching the arts and history of Arabic calligraphy. Lectures on the history of the Arabic language: Highlighting the development of the language over the ages. Interactive presentations on the contributions of Arab scientists to human civilization: Showcasing Arab contributions in various scientific fields. Reading and discussion sessions about Arabic literature: Offering selected readings from Arabic literature and discussing them.