Artificial Intelligence Lab and Future Foresight

It is an advanced center that combines modern technology with innovation. The lab features a range of advanced computers and tools dedicated to data analysis and artificial intelligence modeling
It is an advanced center that combines modern technology and innovation. The laboratory is distinguished by a collection of advanced computers and tools specialized for data analysis and artificial intelligence modeling. The lab greatly benefits from virtual and augmented reality technologies to conduct experiments and simulations of various scenarios, contributing to an innovative approach to future foresight. Additionally, the lab contains interactive screens and sensor systems that allow visitors to directly interact with artificial intelligence projects, enhancing their understanding and awareness of these technologies. The lab shows a special interest in artificial intelligence projects that address issues of sustainability and environmental innovation. Visitors are also greeted by an intelligent robot that interacts with them, adding a unique interactive and educational experience. Activities sponsored by the laboratory: Educational courses on artificial intelligence: Covering the basics of artificial intelligence and its diverse applications. Workshops on data modeling: Focusing on data analysis techniques and their use in developing artificial intelligence models. Lectures on virtual and augmented reality technologies: Demonstrating how these technologies can be used in simulating various scenarios. Interactive sessions with smart robots: To enhance understanding and interaction with artificial intelligence technology. Discussions on artificial intelligence and sustainability: Exploring how artificial intelligence can be used to enhance sustainability and environmental innovation.