Investing for individuals


Individuals interested in investing in the Scientific Village project can buy investment shares to reap a range of benefits in addition to the annual return. The return on investment in the Scientific Village is generated from residential units, agricultural produce, honey, the sale of organic products, the village’s operational certificate and seal for product quality assurance, courses, consultancy in scientific, humanitarian, and educational fields, as well as from conferences, industrial workshops, and patents.


The expected return from the Scientific Village is approximately 9% to 12% in its first operational year. Financial matters and profit distribution will be managed by a government-certified auditor in Turkey, and reports will be transparently presented to all investors. The goal is to make the project successful and replicate it to create more scientific villages.


Investment category for individuals:

Investment conditions:



Must be a member of the Ureed platform and have an active account, evidenced by receiving a Ureed membership badge.

Belonging to the category of scientists, experts, or researchers, and their partnership contributes to enriching the Scientific Village project.

The number of shares available for investment per individual is 3, except for those who have received one of the five leadership badges on the platform: Scientist Badge, Distinguished Publisher Badge, Board of Directors Badge, Scientific Leadership Badge, and Social Responsibility Badge.


Investment benefits:



Profits distributed to all investors at the end of the year.

Free accommodation for two people in the Scientific Village for 3 days monthly during summer seasons or 5 days monthly during winter seasons.

Reception and farewell services from Sabiha Airport in Istanbul to the Scientific Village.

Plastic membership for using the village facilities and scientific units.

Opportunity to use the Scientific Village’s laboratories for conducting scientific research and experiments.

Free participation in major events of the Scientific Village, such as scientific conferences, international forums, and training camps.